Valentine’s Day Facts

  • Each year around 220,000 wedding proposals are made
  • Over 189 million stems of red roses are sold in the U.S., men are the majority of buying flowers- 73% to be exact
  • Over 1 billion dollars of chocolate is sold in the U.S., more than 35 million of those are heart shaped chocolates
  • 85% of Valentine gifts are purchased by women
  • In the late 1800’s, Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day
  • King Henry VII in 1537 officially declared Valentine’s Day a holiday in England
  • Each year about 1 billion cards are exchanged for this day, the second largest card sending time of year


Welcome our New Drivers!

  • Tommy Goins – Driver
  • Charles Myers – Driver


  • Charles Church – Feb. 15th

Work Anniversaries

  • Rocky Brooks – 7 yrs Feb. 6th
  • Oscar Barneycastle – 7 yrs Feb. 18th
  • Charles Church – 6 yrs Feb. 19th
  • Donna Call – 2 yrs Feb. 19th
  • David Richardson – 4 yrs Feb. 24th
  • Jeffrey Haynes – 4 yrs Feb. 26th

Notices to Employees!

  • Charles Church: DL expires 2/15 & Annual Review 2/19
  • Rocky Brooks: Annual Review on 2/6
  • Oscar Barneycastle: Annual Review 2/18
  • David Richardson: Annual Review 2/24
  • Jeffrey Haynes: Annual Review 2/26

In Loving Memory of Matthew Shaffer

Matthew Shaffer, driver of truck #17, passed away unexpectedly on January 10, 2020. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. Please remember him and continue to pray for this family.

Safety Report

Quarterly Driver Safety Bonus Winners

  • Andy Birster
  • Brad Inman
  • Brandon Goins
  • Kevin Phillips
  • Rocky Brooks
  • Oscar Barneycastle
  • Jeffrey Haynes
  • Kyle Butz
  • Charles Church

Good Inspection Winner

  • Scott Dixon


  • Please remember Lonnie Hudspeth as he recovers from heart surgery within the next few months. Reach out to him and give him encouragement during this time!
  • Keep Sylvia and Nick in your prayers as they have surgery this month.
  • Don’t forget to always slide your tandems to the rear and clean out your empty trailers when dropping in Ennis, TX.
  • Please continue to limit your use of PC on the ELOGS!
  • Don’t accept any unidentified trips on your ELOGS if they aren’t yours. This can cause you to not get your resets if you do! So be careful and read those when they pop up before accepting them. Remember I can not change anything that occurs on the drive line!
  • We are now using a different dock at the WW Dallas location. Make sure you switch out at the new dock where
  • the other trailer was left at.
  • Be sure if your picking up in West Salem, that you strap the product down and get a copy of the BOL. When you arrive at Kinston, leave all other paperwork in receiving mailbox; don’t leave it in the trailer.
  • When you have a load and detention time looks possible make sure you let us know before it starts. If you do get detention time, then have them write an in and out time on BOL and let us know how much detention time you have at that moment.
  • Please drop your trailers in the gravel on our yard and leave enough room to walk behind and beside them.
  • Drivers need to start turning any AMI EAST COAST TRIP sheets in with their packets from now on.
  • Drivers please make sure that you don’t leave a trailer with issues (lights, tires, etc.) for someone else to fix.

Thank you!

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